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Referendum Procedures

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1.       The referendum shall be conducted from 0800H to 1700H from June 16, 2005 to August 15, 2005.


  1. All Retirement Fund members shall participate in the referendum, both those presently employed with PAL and those outside PAL, except deceased members and those who have already received their full and complete equity or retirement benefit.


  1. The Retirement Board Office will give each plan participant an assigned Voter’s Identification Number (V.I.N.).  All votes must have the assigned V.I.N. for verification, or the ballot will be nullified and will not be counted.


  1. Voting shall be done through any of the following methods:


a)       By casting of paper ballots personally or by proxy.  Proxies must be submitted to the ELECOM not later than June 07, 2005 for validation.


b)       By email addressed to this email address:     or


c)       By postal mail to be addressed to:    PAL PILOTS’ RETIREMENT BOARD

Ground Floor, ALPAP Headquarters

Andrews Avenue, Pasay City  1300


Votes/ballots cast by email or by postal mail must be received by the ELECOM not later than August 15, 2005.  Proxy voting by mail or email is not allowed.


  1. The voting through paper ballot will be done simultaneously at the PAL and Retirement Board Office premises with both locations guarded by two ELECOM representatives (one from each side).


6.       An e-mail address will be created for the purpose of the referendum, where e-mail votes will come as a read-only file (if at all possible) to guard the sanctity of the ballot.


7.       Canvassing of the paper ballot votes will be done at the Retirement Board Office on August 16, 2005, to be witnessed by members of the ELECOM and other plan participants present.


8.       Votes via mail and e-mail shall be opened upon receipt, validated by the ELECOM and placed in a sealed envelop and will be canvassed on August 16, 2005 at the Retirement Board Office and shall be witnessed by members of the ELECOM and other plan participants present.


9.       The ELECOM representatives are:


From the group outside of PAL:


a)       Capt. Emilexander A. Jadie

b)       Capt. Philipp P. Sta. Ana


From the group of PAL:


a)       Capt. Reynaldo C. Canlas

b)       Capt. Abraham P. Manlulu



10.   The option that will get the majority vote (50% of all participants + 1) shall be the manner by which the claims shall be distributed.  Seventy Five percent (75%) participation of all member participants is necessary to make the referendum valid.   




Chairman 2005 ELECOM

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.

PPRB Andrews Avenue, VAB, Pasay City